Website building and


A website is the digital business card of your company. It is the place where potential customers get a first impression of your company, which determines whether they purchase your products or services or go to your competitor.

A good website attracts more visitors, which in turn leads to more sales. You want that too, don’t you?

What does it mean?

Website design

As I said, your website is the digital business card of your company. The design of the website is an important part. Here you can reveal the identity of your company and persuade visitors to read further with the aim of making a purchase, making a reservation or contacting you.

As a graphic designer, I am happy to help you create a design that suits you perfectly and fits seamlessly with what you want to radiate with your company. I map out all your wishes and requirements in advance, after which I can get started with the website design. After the design has been approved, I can also realize the construction of the website for you.

The design of the website, together with the content, largely determines how many people buy something from you“.

After the design

Have a website built

In addition to designing your website, you have come to the right place to have your website built or renewed. The big advantage for you is that you have one point of contact.

Building a website is not very difficult, but building a good converting website is a profession in itself. Therefore, do not be tempted by an acquaintance who offers to make your website, but opt ​​for a professional custom website that will earn you money.

A good website must meet many requirements. In addition to design and content, it is very important that your website offers the solution for what your customer is looking for. The website must function well technically, the user must be able to quickly find an answer to his question, the site must work well on both laptop and mobile and also load quickly. If your visitors have to wait more than 2 seconds before they can see anything on the page, they will often leave again.

One of the most important aspects is that your website appears at the top of Google. The first 3 results in Google receive roughly 70% of all visitors. To achieve this, the above aspects are relevant, as well as processing the correct Google search terms on your site (Search Engine Optimization). If your website is not at the top or on the first page of Google, very few organic visitors will visit your website and your online turnover will decrease. Time for action!

Request an extensive SEO analysis now for only €250. You will then receive a report with concrete proposals to significantly improve your website so that your Google ranking increases.

Did you know that websites have an average lifespan of only 3 years? This has to do with the fact that website technologies continue to develop. In addition, the needs of consumers are constantly changing, which means you must (continue to) change your website to meet the needs of your customers. It is therefore important that you adjust your website every so often not to lose customers. A new website is therefore really an investment in the future.

Demoet graphic design takes care of your complete website that meets all your wishes and requirements. From a simple website to a complete webshop with chat function and all the bells and whistles. No problem. Together we ensure a well-converting website.

An investment in the future

How much does a good website cost?

A good converting website is like an extra employee, but without the monthly salary and social security contributions“.

That is why I prefer to talk about an investment rather than costs. Investing in a good website leads to more visitors and more turnover. Who wouldn’t be willing to invest $2,500 – $4,500 if it means you can earn $10,000 – $15,000 more? Let’s be honest, everyone wants that, right? Isn’t that exactly what makes entrepreneurship fun?

An example:

Imagine that you offer products with an average price of €25 on your website. Only 10 visitors come to your website every week and only 10% of them actually make a purchase. Your turnover is then on average €25 per week.

You decide to renew your ‘outdated’ website or have it completely rebuilt. This increases (after some time) the number of visitors to your website to 100 per week and the conversion rate to 30%. This means that your turnover per week will grow significantly. Instead of €25 per week, your turnover is suddenly: 30% x 100 visitors x €25 = €750 per week!

A conversion rate of 30% compared to 10% is of course already a significant increase, but ultimately you want it to increase even further to, for example, 60%. Your weekly turnover will then be €1,500.

Don’t fall into the trap of having a website built by someone you know who will do this for you for free. That is of course very nice, but choose a professional website that makes you money.

The investment in a website varies enormously. On the internet you will find offers to create a website yourself for a few hundred euros. You are then usually bound to a fixed layout and a limited number of options. For some people this is fine. However, if you want a professional, good WordPress website with a tailor-made appearance by a design agency with extensive experience, you will spend between €3,000 and €6,000.

At Demoet graphic design you pay €2,500 for a professional, good, customized website and €3,300 for a webshop. These prices depend on your specific wishes and, for example, the number of products in the webshop or pages on the website.

and why

What should a good website meet?

A good website can make a lot of money and save a lot of money at the same time“.

In the example above I explained how a good website can make you money. But did you know that a good website can also save you money?

Some companies employ 1 or more people to answer customer calls. Large call centers can save a lot of money by analyzing their telephone traffic. Why do customers actually call? These are often questions about opening hours, product information, prices or problems that people experience on the website. By providing correct and accessible information on the website, you can ‘answer’ many customer questions. This saves a lot of unnecessary telephone traffic, allowing you to save on personnel costs or use the freed up time to generate more turnover. This principle also applies to small entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies.

A good website is characterized by the following points:

  • good functional design
  • relevant content for visitor
  • work well technicallyuser-friendly for visitors
  • fast loading time
  • be responsive (suitable for mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • be found in search engines (such as Google)

In addition, a good website also meets legal requirements such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and attention is paid to EAT. This stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthines. Show your expertise, authority and reliability to visitors on your website. It ensures that Google will show your website higher in the results. I have explained the effect of this above.

When you let me build your website, you can count on:

  • a personal and customer-oriented approach
  • a website that fully matches your company and your corporate identity in terms of design
  • a website that is user-friendly and works well on computer, laptop and mobile
  • a website with an excellent price/quality ratio
  • a website that not only makes you money but also saves you money

ensure that your website continues to perform optimally

Website maintenance

Once you have a good website, it is important to maintain your website regularly. This way you stay up to date and prevent your website from suddenly no longer working or from performing worse and leading to less turnover.

Compare it with radiant teeth. If you don’t brush for a long time and don’t visit the dentist regularly for maintenance, your teeth will no longer look as bright over time. In the worst case, this leads to problems with eating because teeth fall out. This is how it works with your website too! A good website also needs regular maintenance to continue to function properly. Good and regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your website. And that can save you a lot of money.

My advice is to have your website maintained regularly. At least twice a year, but it is even better to do this monthly. This way you will be there on time and your website will continue to perform well. If you have me build your website, we can also make agreements about the maintenance of the website.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot to say about SEO, also called search engine optimization. In short, SEO must ensure that search engines such as Google can find your website as easily as possible. And that in an organic, non-paid way. If you use SEO properly, it will ensure the highest possible ranking so that you appear at the top of Google’s search results. The first 3 positions in the search results receive almost 70% of all clicks. The more clicks, the more visitors, the more turnover.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not a one-time thing. Search behavior of your target group changes over time, so you will have to respond to this with SEO. Otherwise you will no longer be found, you will no longer be high in the search list and the number of visitors to your website will decrease again. You can outsource the optimization of the SEO on your website to me. We will discuss a number of important matters in advance. I will need to know who your target group is, what you want to achieve with your website, what does your target group search for, what problem do you solve for them, what appeals to them. Once that’s all clear, I’ll get to work. I do an analysis of your website and keyword research. This reveals important areas for improvement to optimize your SEO.

Request an SEO study now for €250. You will then receive a report with concrete proposals to significantly improve your website so that your website ranks higher in Google again, which leads to more visitors and more turnover.